Lead Based Marketing

Sunrise Webtek offers lead-based marketing which is essential for your site’s advertisement. Advertisements help your site in attracting more and more buyers. More buyers mean generating more leads to your online business, and more leads mean more sales. We know for sure that you want to increase your sales.

Through the word “Lead”, on lead-based marketing, we can simply define lead-based marketing as attracting or gaining more leads, where leads refer to people. A potential lead is a person who is…

  • Interested in knowing your company and in viewing your page.
  • Checking more than five (5) pages at your site.
  •  Willing to sign up for a membership with newsletter, Facebook/ Twitter or any other form of regular communication.

Here’s how lead-based marketing works at Webygeeks. To ensure the best quality, there are four things that we need to do.

  • 1. We will listen and understand your business very well. After we get a better understanding of your business, we will know who your targeted customers are and then we will work out to achieve that target.Our experts will then establish the best plan for your business.
  • 2. Initial Pilot campaign. During this period we will design a search-friendly landing page. A page where your customers will sign up to receive mails, or any other communication that contains more information about your site. Once the landing page is done, it will be put out on a pilot run. This will also give the clients the opportunity to judge the overall quality of the leads provided by us.
  • 3. Checking out the traffic acquired by the website. We take time to check if the landing page is getting the traffic that it should get. If not, we spend more time to gain more traffic on the landing page and we also engage in using different advertising platforms.
  • 4. Final roll out and optimization. We will work on e-mail marketing by using a database to send emails and generate leads. After optimizing the landing page we will make sure that the ads are well optimized in order to reduce the marketing expenditure while acquiring more leads. We also have a huge number of affiliate marketing partners. Our affiliate sites, in various geographies and interests, will help generate more traffic in your site. There are several lead generation media formats that we can use in order to help your company, namely:
    1. Affiliate Marketing
    2. PPC Management
    3. E-mail Marketing
    4. Search Engine Marketing

Once you’re ready to invest in lead-based marketing, check out Webygeeks. We assure you, you will not regret your decision to choose us.