PPC Advertising

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is  among the basic methods of advertising a website along with Internet Marketing. Not all are familiar regarding this campaign and not everyone thinks that PPC plays an important role in marketing a business. Thus, Sunrise Webtek aims to make companies and organizations learn the importance of Pay-Per-Click campaigns to the improvement of their sales or revenue.

We here at Sunrise Webtek we are ready to become your partner in doing your PPC campaign/s. Our team has established an effective plan in order to make a Pay-Per-Click campaign work best for you and your company. How we do it?

  • We use appropriate keywords. Our team uses the best tools for keyword analysis. We analyze and identify keywords that will attract a larger number of enquiries as well as enable you to reach more internet users. We will also bid for keywords that are likely to give you a very good Return on Investment or ROI.
  • We optimize your landing page. We make sure that your landing page is also covered in the ad’s copy.
  • We do Ad copy testing. Our expert writers provide professional and creative ad and banner production services that will surely entice viewers. We will use fresh ideas as well as different wordings or contents in to identify which one will catch people’s eyes.
  • We provide an ROI rate report. We make sure that all campaign reports are documented properly and shared with our clients – that’s you. ROI is regularly monitored and the campaign is tweaked according to the report. Every client will be able to view the performance data as well as click through rate, traffic reports and ROI.

Being a PPC advertising agency, we provide a broad range of PPC advertising services:

  • PPC landing page creation
  • Creating Ad Copyright
  • Ad campaign set up &
  • Campaign report management
  • Paid search strategy implementation
  • Better leads & sales
  • Increased paid traffic
  • Improved ROI
  • Reduced CPC
  • Bid management

How we render the best PPC advertising services!

  • Clear Strategy & Objective: Being a renowned PPC advertising agency, we assist you to decide your target market & pay-per-click objectives. And, we develop a good strategy for you to achieve the best outcomes at affordable cost per click. For this, we also keep an eye on your competitors strategy.
  • Exact Keyword Research: In order to target your services & products, we conduct ample keyword research to create ad groups and themed campaigns for relevant search phrases.
  • Sponsored Ads Display: We bring instant visibility for your business by featuring compelling ads on the targeted niche, which makes as the best PPC advertising service provider.
  • Bid & Optimization Management: We ensure enhanced conversion rates via automatic & manual bid management and effective landing page optimization.
  • Powerful Reporting & Tracking: Our experts use tracking tools like Google Analytics in order to attain analytic and bid management solutions for enterprise level clients.

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Increased Visibility

Being a trusted PPC advertising agency, we help you gain better online visibility. It enables you to establish your company as a leader in the market as well as expanding your business with more customers.

Geographically Targeted Ads

We manage PPC ads geographically. It means to say that the targeting can be followed by country, state or city that will appear only to the potential customers of a particular area.


Pace to Market

PPC advertisements can be launched speedily unlike SEO. We do it for you to bring quality leads and better targeted traffic to your website at an affordable cost.

Maximized ROI

Our PPC marketers conduct extensive conversion analysis and ad testing to ensure more clicks on per advertisement. It helps you get maximum Return on Investment (ROI) with better website traffic.[/column_item]